day 1. humbleness & thoughtfulness.

It’s now near midnight, day 1 of year 24 is slowly coming to an end… It didn’t exactly start on the most positive note; but as the day went on, I am so relieved to say that it has turned into the best start I could ask for:

Nothing grand happened today; it was a normal day. Nothing exciting took place; it was a calm day. People often speak of kicking something off with a “bang!”; today, I beg to differ — this serenity brings me a peace of mind, and makes me feel grounded. After the exhilarating summer I’ve had, and the eventful fall that followed, I am ready to take on the next year in life with humbleness and thoughtfulness.

Year 23 is now behind me: it was an incredible year, filled with adventurous experiences both professionally and personally speaking. I remember a year ago telling myself that 23 being one of my favourite numbers, the year would have to be the best one yet. In many ways, it was: I loved, more than I ever did before; I laughed, lots, but it feels as if I cried more; I learnt to open up and let go, which meant stepping outside my emotionally-guarded comfort-zone. None of this was easy; but all of this was rewarding.

Today, I re-connected with my old friends — the old-fashioned pen & paper, as I worked through the bajillion tangled thoughts in my head and my heart. It was initially meant to be a letter addressed to a particular someone, but at the end of the day, I decided to tuck it away and leave it unsent — because the process of writing alone was cathartic enough. And that, I believe, is more important than overwhelming others with a surprising outpour of my own thoughts. Instead, I sent out a short and sweet note via email at the end of the day.



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