day 47. the five people.

Today was one of those days: the ones that just kept on getting worse, the ones where things went wrong in multiple aspects, the ones where you end up making yourself brownie-in-a-mug… Well, I made two, and topped them with ice cream! Alas, as I’m way overdue for a post, I decided to revisit an old draft from last year, one that reminds me of the days that are good & the times that make me smile.

From June 2012:

Last night, after my weekly ultimate games with the team I absolutely adore, I came home to another group of fabulous people — my roommate had invited a few of our closest friends over to our apartment for an impromptu evening of drinks and laughter.

I haven’t seen her spirit this lifted in a long while, not since her cycling accident three months ago. She has been a trooper throughout this draining recovery process, but alas, even her greatest effort couldn’t quite bring back that signature laughter of hers… until a night like this:

It’s that kind of night where you just sit back and relax, with no need for any boardgames or music to serve as distraction, just simply some wine (well, mojitos, in tonight’s case), cheese, and the secret receipe: friends.

Effortlessly, the conversations just kept on rolling, transitioning from one topic to another, accompanied with much excitement and often howling laughters. Hours would have passed before we even began to notice how late it had become.

Someone had once told me that how we behave is largely influenced by the five people we intract with the most on a regular basis. Ideally, we would want them to be our friends & family, the people we love the most; but we do not ncecessarily always have the luxury to pick and choose who they are, as sometimes they would simply have to be circumstantial, limited by time, place, opportunity… Looking around the room then, I realized, I’m a lucky one.

My roommate was the first one to have left and relocated for work. When she came back to visit, we went down to the beach; she wore a panda suite.

My roommate was the first one amongst us to have left and relocated for work.
When she came back to visit, we went down to the beach; she wore a panda-suit.


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